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There are a ton of content creators on YouTube.  It’s time consuming  and a lot of hard work.  But when your video doesn’t even show up in the  search?  That means it really sucks!

You need to understand why viewers come to YouTube.  Here are the 4 main reasons:

  1. For Entertainment
    2. For Information
    3. By Recommendation
    4. Out of Curiosity

You need to create quality content, find your target audience and connect with them. You need to make sure the first 10 seconds of  your video are so  interesting that  your viewer sticks around to watch!

Always ask your viewers to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE at the end of the video.

See, there are many types of channels and different strategies to promote each one of them, so you need to do some research before you actually get going.

Now here’s a  very important point, which most of the YouTubers miss :

It’s TAGS!

All you need to do is Google the tag generation sites and copy the right trending tags for your video content.

Finally,  the question that  might arise in your mind is:  “Where do I share the video to get views?”

Here are the answers:

  1. Your Facebook page and other social media.
  2. Facebook groups and relevant pages on FB via collaborations.
  3. Collaborate with experienced YouTubers to borrow views.

All these steps give you organic traffic .  If you are looking for paid traffic to get 1 million views in a few hours,  then contact us